When one partner decided to get retired from the partnership then the remaining partners will get the share of retiring partner. Though in a typical setup, the partners of a partnership firm decide to share their profits and losses equally, it may not be the same in every case. For instance, the acquisition of profits in a limited liability partnership firm would be different from that of an organization that shares profits and losses equally. Gaining Ratio The ratio in which the remaining i.e. continuing partners have acquired the share from the retiring partner is called gaining ratio. It is the proportion in which the remaining partners of a firm acquire the shares of the deceased or retiring partner.

In a situation where a firm’s partnership agreement states unequal gain or equal gain. By giving notice in writing, in case of partnership at will. By giving notice in writing to all other partners of his intention to retire, in case of partnership at will. Meaning of Retirement Retirement of a partner means ceasing to be a partner of the firm. In the case of Hidden Goodwill, the value of goodwill is not mentioned at the time of admission of a new partner. It can be considered as one of the methods for calculating the value of goodwill of the firm.

Dear, Gaining ratio is calculated at the time of retirement or death of a partner. It is the ratio in which the remaining partners acquire the outgoing partner’s share of profit. When the partner retires, the profit sharing ratio of the continuing partners gets changed. A gaining ratio is a financial tool that helps to measure the proportion in which a firm’s remaining partners acquire the retiring partner or deceased partner’s shares.

define gaining ratio how is it calculated

When a partner retires, remaining partners distribute his share of profit among themselves. This process is known as a reconstitution of the firm. It comes in handy for calculating the extent of compensation that will be paid by gaining partners to the deceased partner’s legal representative or a retiring partner as goodwill or premium for goodwill.

Change in Profit Sharing Ratio among old partners:

The retiring or deceased partner is entitled to his share of goodwill at the time of retirement/death because the goodwill has been earned by the firm at the time when he was a partner. X, Y and Z are partners sharing profits define gaining ratio how is it calculated in the ratio of 1/2, 2/5 and 1/10. Find the new ratio of remaining partners, if Z retires. Gaining Ratio means when one or more partners buying more shares of the profit of the firm from the other or retiring partners.

define gaining ratio how is it calculated

New Profit Sharing Ratio The ratio in which the continuing partners will share profits and losses is called new profit sharing ratio. It is the sum total of his old share and the ratio in which the outgoing partner’s share of profit is acquired. The ratio in which the outgoing partner’s profit share is gained or acquired by the remaining partners is known as Gaining ratio. You can apply this above formula when you know that the specific partner gaining the share. Like in the case of retirement of one or more partner from the partnership, the remaining partner will get the share of retiring partner, So the remaining partner will gain the share of profit.

The questions posted on the site are solely user generated, Doubtnut has no ownership or control over the nature and content of those questions. Doubtnut is not responsible for any discrepancies concerning the duplicity of content over those questions. If you are seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser, please enable JS to make this app work. Transaction Processing System refers to a computerized system that records, processes, validates, and stores routine transactions that occur in various functional areas of a business on daily basis. With the help of this ratio, we will calculate the total amount of other adjustments. When nothing about the new profit-sharing proportion is mentioned.

Gaining Ratio

The difference between the New ratio and the Old ratio of one partner is known as Gaining Share if the value of the difference is positive. Now that we have become somewhat familiar with the feasible situations for applying gaining ratio let’s try to find out the basic differences between sacrificing ratio and gaining ratio. In a partnership firm, the admission, retirement, or death of a partner tends to lay a significant impact not just on the structure of a firm but also on how profit and loss are shared among all partners. Gaining ratio is the ratio in which the remaining partners will pay the amount of goodwill to the retiring partner. Typically, during the admission, death, or retirement of a partner, there is a need for the calculation of sacrificing and gaining ratio. The calculation of sacrificing ratio helps to compute the amount of compensation that will be paid by newly admitted partners as goodwill or premium for goodwill to sacrificing partners.

define gaining ratio how is it calculated

It can also be described as the difference between the old profit-sharing ratio and the new profit-sharing ratio of partners. On the eve of the retirement/death of a partner, the continuing partners acquire the profit share of the retiring partner. The ratio in which the outgoing partner’s profit share is gained or acquired by the remaining partners is known as the Gaining ratio. This ratio is calculated by taking the difference between the new ratio and the old ratio of the partners. Also, by enrolling in Vedantu’s live online class, you would gain valuable insight into the adjustment of partners’ accounts in case of admission, death, or retirement of a partner. It would help you to solve problems based on partnership with much ease.

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A profit and Loss Account is the secondfinancial statementprepared by an organization. This account is prepared to ascertain the net results of a firm in form of net profit earned or net loss incurred during an accounting period. We can use the same formula as per sacrificing share for calculating gaining share. The values left after calculation with this formula is in negative then this value is known as gaining share of the Partner. It is the proportion in which existing partners of a firm surrender a share of their profit for a newly admitted partner. Give two circumstances in which gaining ratio is computed.

If the new profit sharing ratio of the remaining partners is given in the question, gaining ratio is calculated by deducting old ratio from the new ratio. X, Y and Z were partners sharing profits in the ratio of 1/2, 3/10, and 1/5. Calculate the gaining ratio of the remaining partners.

However, they all use a standard financial measure, namely, the gaining ratio to ascertain each partner’s share of profit accurately. Gaining ratio is actually the ratio driven out by applying the formula (New Share – Old Share). Here, by applying the above formula we will find two things. First is the gaining partner and others are sacrificing ones. The Gaining ones are those whose share will also be gained thats why the profits of the gaining partner will increase. When a partner retires, the remaining partners gain in terms of the profit-sharing ratio.

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Let’s take a quick look at this simple example mentioned below to understand more about the new profit-sharing ratio and gaining ratio. That being said, let’s read along to find more about the gaining ratio and the correct application of the gaining ratio formula. Liability of the Firm for the Acts before Retirement [Section 32] A retiring partner remains liable for all the acts of the firm up to the date of his retirement. However, a retiring partner may be discharged from his liability by an agreement between himself, third party and the continuing partners. It is calculated in the event of death or at the time of retirement of a business partner.

What is the Gaining Ratio?

The ratio in which the continuing partners have acquired the share from the retiring partner’s share of the profit is termed as gaining ratio. Usually, it is computed when a partner decides to retire or during the death of a partner. ‘Gaining Ratio’ is a term that is frequent in the Partnership Accounts. This ratio means the share of profit gained by a partner with some reconstitution of the firm. This gaining ratio is caused by the reconstitution which generally happens due to the exit or death of any existing partner. Gaining Ratio is a vital factor for the partners as well as for the newly re-constituted firm.

Accounting software is an integral part of the computerized accounting system. The accounting software should be selected after considering the level of skill and proficiency of the accounting professionals. In accordance with the terms of agreement between the partners.


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